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Business buyers dont buy your product or service, they 'buy into' your perspective and approach to solving their problems.
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Public Relations and brand building practices are changing every year. There is no point in sticking to the age old methodologies any more. At The GearBox Media we try to mingle the new with the old. And we have a proven process for that as well. Our service umbrella covers all the things your brand requires to grow. Here are some of our services:


Whatever be your goals we can fulfill them!


We plan and place your news in the prominent media channels.


Create a buzz and draw good reception for the events.


Create brand oriented content and distribute them through right channels.


Help you understand the scopes in the industry.


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Extra strain on the brain, extra hours of work, researching new techniques and working our socks off really pays dividends when we here words of appreciation from our clients. For us there is no better feeling than to make you happy with our services. Client testimonials are really motivating, and we have some to share with you too...

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  • It is said a lot can happen over a few cups of coffee. And The GearBox Media is the live example of that. Two young professionals from the Public Relations sector, who had seen it all and gathered enough PR success recipes, decided to establish a one stop place for modern day Public Relation needs. And over the last two years, The GearBox Media has worked with some of the leading brands and personalities. Today, The GearBox Media has clients across every sector. While we have strived for new opportunities, we have always gathered strength from our past successes. From handling marquee events to tackling the brand promotion and reputation management needs of our clients, we have done it all! Our strong relations with the media houses (both print and digital ones) have obviously eased our work.

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The GearBox Media is your one-stop destination for brand awareness, reputation management and public relations. Indian business market is more competitive and ripe than it ever was. But a brand needs to stay highlighted to find a place in the hearts of the Indian consumers. We help you build that brand awareness and boost your brand’s reputation through our proven methodologies. In our short journey so far, we have an envious clientele. Clients from different business sectors have attained success by trusting us. We are really proud of the fact that most of our clients have forged a long term relationship with us. And that shows the success of our service methodologies.

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